2001 Chair’s Letter, Lynn Davies

Membership Mailing 2001

Dear BAICE member,

Greetings to all members, and especially to new members who have joined since our last mailing and since the Oxford conference.  A few things to draw to your attention.

First of all is to ask your permission to produce a list of members which can be sent to all the membership.  This would have only your name and institution.  The purpose is mainly to enable nominations to be made to the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences, of which BAICE is a member.  Any member can nominate another  for this, but cannot do so unless they know who is also a member!  The list would not have emails or phones etc, and would not be released for marketing purposes.  We do get requests for our membership list from people wanting to use them for mailing, but would obviously refuse.  So if you are happy for us to circulate this internal list, we would ask that you keep it confidential and do not release it to other organisations or commercial firms.  Many thanks.  Just let me know if you do NOT want your name on this list.

Secondly, enclosed in this pack is a renewal letter – please disregard this if you have already paid, or you are paying by standing order.  If you are not sure whether you have taken out a standing order, then please contact Keith Holmes.

Thirdly, in the pack is a flier for the September 2001 BAICE conference in Nottingham.  BAICE tries to support students to go to conferences, and this time we are funding bursaries for fees for three students to attend the conference and present a paper.  (They would have to find the travel themselves).  Applications should go to John Morgan at Nottingham, and then a selection will be made by the conference organisers and by the Chair and Vice-Chair of BAICE committee.

Fourthly is a flier from Compare.  The journal does welcome submissions from BAICE members and is always pleased to receive articles.

Finally, to remind you of the BAICE website.  We do post details of day conferences and other events on there:   www.ed.ac.uk/~baice.