6 September 2002, University of Nottingham

  1. The members were welcomed to the meeting, and informed that the second part and social meeting would take place later in the afternoon.
  2. Apologies:  Sheila Aikman, Joanna LeMetais, Caroline Nursey, David Turner, Witold Tulasiewicz, Keith Watson, Peter Williams, Maggie Wilson.
  3. The minutes from the last AGM, 19 September 2001, were approved.
  4. There were no matters arising.
  5. Following the recent elections, the new membership of the BAICE executive committee for the coming year was outlined.  Lynn Davies as outgoing chair is being replaced by Michael Crossley.  Clive Harber is taking on the role of vice-chair.  Maggie Wilson’s term of office has finished and Simon McGrath is moving to South Africa; as ‘ordinary’ members their elected replacements are Rosalind Pritchard and John Morgan.  Maggie and Simon were thanked for their contributions to BAICE.

(Michael Crossley chaired the meeting from this point.)

6. As retiring chair, Lynn Davies presented a report to the meeting.  She looked forward to Angela Little’s presidential address at this conference, and noted that GrahamVulliamy has agreed to act as BAICE president for the coming year.  She thanked the members of the executive committee for their hard work, especially in these times of increasing work pressure.  She paid tribute to Edmund King and Harry Higginson, both of whom have passed away in the last year.  She reported on day conferences, and reminded those present of the funding available for student participation.  She noted that David Phillips was successfully nominated by BAICE to the Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences (ALSISS).  The next World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) congress will be held in Cuba.  She noted some of the recent successes of Compare.  Finally, Lynn thanked the organisers of the Nottingham conference, and looked forward to BAICE 2004, to be held at the University of Sussex.

7. As incoming chair, Michael Crossley reported that he aims to strengthen existing links with related societies such as WCCES, ALSISS, the British Educational Research Association (BERA) and the UK Forum for International Education and Training (UKFIET).  Discussions are already underway for a joint day conference with BERA.  As usual, the next BAICE conference will be part of the UKFIET Oxford Conference in September 2003.  Flyers are now out and a special rate for students has been introduced; student BAICE members may also apply for a BAICE bursary to attend the conference.  Upcoming UKFIET day conferences of interest were noted, including one on GATS and the new DFID research strategy.  Suggestions for the BAICE 2004 conference theme were welcomed from the membership.  Finally, Michael thanked Lynn for her work in her time as chair of the Association.

8. Report from the Treasurer:  Lore Arthur presented a report on the accounts.  She noted the following:

  • The four accounts in place when she became treasurer have been amalgamated into two:  the current account and the Compare account.
  • The accounts had been formally audited in advance of the AGM, and the auditor’s report was available to the meeting.  It was noted that the Association is in a healthy financial position, and the new contractual relationship with publishers Taylor and Francis means that we are likely to remain so.  The executive committee should start to discuss possible ways of spending any surplus – with caution.
  • The audit process highlighted two desirable constitutional changes, which were voted on at the AGM:
    • That the beginning and end of the financial year be moved to July 31st (previously August 31st). This will facilitate reports being available for the annual AGM.  This motion was proposed by Lynn Davies, seconded by Michael Crossley and carried unanimously.
    • That the term ‘audit’ be changed to ‘annual review by an independent accountant’.  This is because of the unnecessarily exhaustive government-regulated full auditing process.  This was proposed by Lynn Davies, seconded by Michael Crossley, and carried unanimously.

Lore was thanked for her efforts, especially in arranging the audit in time for the AGM.

9. Report from the Membership Secretary:  Keith Holmes reported.  He made the following points:

  • BAICE now has 158 members, including 40 outside the UK.  There are a lot of new student members.
  • There has been a successful transition to payment by standing order.
  • Member recruitment strategies are being explored, for example through publishers and through WCCES.  Members were encouraged to promote the Association and to encourage others to join.

Keith was thanked for his efforts as Membership Secretary.

10. Report on Compare:  Caroline Dyer reported that this was a good year for the journal.  There is currently a healthy flow of submissions, and the journal is about to go up to four issues a year from three.  There has been an encouraging report from the publishers, and there is a plan to apply again for ISI recognition.  Forthcoming issues include one edited by Kenneth King and Simon McGrath, an issue on the economics of education, and one based around contributions from the last conference.  New members of the International Advisory Board include many of high status in the field.  BAICE members are encouraged to contribute to the journal, and currently papers on an economics of education theme are especially welcome.

11. BAICE website:  Simon McGrath will be handing over the management of the BAICE website to Pauline Rose, who has agreed to take on this role as a co-opted member of the Executive Committee.  Simon and Pauline will negotiate the movement of the website to a new location, and the handover.

12. Future meetings were noted:  the UK UNESCO series of meetings, and a day conference on voluntarism at Warwick.