BAICE 2008 Student Prize Winner, Arathi Sriprakash

BAICE is happy to announce that the Student Prize for a paper presented at the BAICE conference Glasgow, 2008, was won by Arathi Sriprakash for her paper:

“Joyful learning in rural Indian Primary Schools: An analysis of social control in the context of child-centred discourses”

Arathi is a PhD student at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge who comes from Australia. She is conducting a sociological study of rural primary school teachers’ pedagogic discourse and practice in Karnataka, India. The paper she submitted for the BAICE student prize draws on empirical data to explore what it means to introduce child-centred pedagogic principles in low-income, rural Indian contexts. Her analysis reveals how new modes of pedagogic control implied by a particular child-centred reform are understood and mediated by teachers.