11 September 2010, University of East Anglia Present: Dr Lore Arthur [Outgoing Chair], Dr Michele Schweisfurth (Incoming Chair) and members as listed in the Minute file. Apologies:  As listed in the Minute file  Minutes of the 2009 AGM:  These were approved. Matters arising: The BAICE Constitution will be uploaded to … Read more →

2010 BAICE Conference

Education and Social Justice in Challenging Times 10-12 September, 2010 University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK BAICE Presidential Address given by Professor Anne Hickling-Hudson, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Teaching to disrupt preconceptions: education for social justice in the imperial aftermath Printed in Compare Vol.41 (4) 2011

2010 Compare Writers’ Workshop

10th September, 2010 University of East Anglia, Norwich, Preceding the 2010 BAICE Conference For those who want to publish research in an academic journal.  Compare and BAICE offer a half day writing workshop for post graduate researchers in the field of educational research.

2010 Chair’s Report, Lore Arthur

September 2010 Dear BAICE members I am delighted to report that BAICE continues to thrive – despite current uncertainties across the higher education sector in the UK and elsewhere. We have been able to increase our membership and our finances are in a healthy position. As an Association we have … Read more →

Nitya Rao Appointed Co-editor for Compare

Dr Nitya Rao has been appointed the third co-editor of Compare. She is a Senior Lecturer at the School of International Development, University of East Anglia. Nitya has a distinguished publications record, has received a number of research awards and previously made substantial contributions to the journal.  She joins Professor … Read more →