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Dr. Nidhi Singal (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Paul Lynch have been awarded a small grant to establish a BAICE thematic forum (BTF) engaging with issues related to the education of children with disabilities in Southern contexts.

This BTF will undertake a series of activities addressing the following concerns:

  • The challenges involved in the interpretation and implementation of global frameworks on disability and education, such as inclusive education.
  • A critical examination of different models of education being developed in Southern contexts, and lessons for the North.
  • The methodological and conceptual challenges present in undertaking research on disability issues in Southern countries.

This forum will be a unique opportunity for researchers (students and others) who are based in the UK and working in the Global South to share their findings, discuss important issues, foster mutual learning and network. If you would like additional information about this forum and/or would like to participate in it then please contact Nidhi at or Paul at

BAICE EDD Thematic Forum interim report

BAICE EDD Thematic Forum interim report
Title: BAICE EDD Thematic Forum interim report (13 clicks)
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