Listening to Academic Voices

Sheila Trahar, University of Bristol

BAICE is proud to present Listening to Academic Voices: International Stories of the UK Experience, an online publication resulting from a BAICE funded project led by Dr Sheila Trahar from the University of Bristol.  Listening to Academic Voices reflects the rapid changes we are experiencing in higher education.  It is a compilation of reflective writing from four international academics from different backgrounds in the UK and an editorial by Dr Trahar.

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We wish to make Listening to Academic Voices a ‘living document’ which continues to grow.  If these stories resonate with you and you wish to contribute to the compilation, please send us your story and it will be considered for publication right here on the BAICE website.  Email with questions and stories.

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EDITORIAL: The rules of different games? Listening to academic voices

Sheila Trahar
University of Bristol

Read and comment on Sheila’s introduction

A journey towards internationalisation

Joanna Al-Youssef
University of Nottingham

Read and comment on Joanna’s story

Mother tongue/foreign language: speaking the self

Irene Macias
University of Bath

Read and comment on Irene’s story

National, personal or professional identities? Shifting images in the academic profession

Ulrike Niens
Queen’s University Belfast

Read and comment on Ulrike’s story

Let’s play ball: a search for the rules of a blended game in academia

Terra Sprague
University of Bristol

Read and comment on Terra’s story