UNGEI to sponsor two places on Compare Writers’ Workshop


UNGEI to sponsor 2 scholars to attend the Compare Writers' Workshop. Deadline 15 August.
UNGEI to sponsor two scholars to attend the Compare Writers’ Workshop. Deadline 15 August.

Compare is delighted to announce a new sponsorship for attendance at the forthcoming Writers’ Workshop (9th September 2013 Oxford, in advance of the UKFIET Conference). UNGEI (United Nations Girls Education Initiative) has offered to sponsor two places, for women researchers working on gender and education issues in the global South.

UNGEI will support travel and other costs (up to a maximum of USD 2500 each) for two women applicants, working on gender and education and associated with Universities/research organisations in the global South.  The successful applicants would potentially be required to contribute an “UNGEI Working Paper” as an interim publishing modality.   The sponsorship would additionally allow applicants to stay on for the 12th UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development.

Applications for funding should be made to Compare, in the same manner as other applications to the Writers’ Workshop, with a covering letter stating that the applicant would like to be considered for the UNGEI sponsorship. Please also send us a copy of your CV. Deadline for applications to the sponsorship is August 15, 2013.

Please visit the Compare Writers Workshop Announcement for more information, including how to apply.


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