Insider / Outsider Perspectives BTF Announces Day Conference and Book Publication Workshop

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BAICE Thematic Forums

The BAICE Thematic Forum (BTF) Revisiting Insider/Outsider Perspectives in International and Comparative Education announces a Day Conference and Book Publication Workshop in conjunction with the Research Centre for International and Comparative Studies (ICS), University of Bristol.

Day Conference and Book Publication Workshop

Monday 24th February 2014

Room 410, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

35 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1JA

This day builds on an initial workshop held at the University of Bristol in February 2011 and a subsequent Symposium of related work presented at the 2012 BAICE conference in Cambridge. Since the launch of the BTF, those involved have also been engaged in various presentations held at the Universities of Durham, Sussex, Bristol and the Institute of Education in London to publicise the Forum and engage fellow researchers in its work.

The Day Conference in February will be in two parts. The morning session will consist of an update on activities of the BTF and a keynote presentation from Professor Anna Robinson-Pant, Centre for Applied Research in Education, University of East Anglia, entitled Exploring the concept of outsider/insider in international and comparative research: essentialising culture or culturally essential?

The afternoon will give us the opportunity to focus on the major output of the Forum which will be an edited book addressing contemporary themes of insider/outsiderness in comparative education studies. Chapters in the book could include perspectives from a theoretical, methodological, biographical, cultural, linguistic, sociological or philosophical point of view and we would encourage participants to give some thought to possible contributions.  It would be helpful if you could bring a title and short abstract (approx. 200 words) of proposed contributions with you, so that we can discuss them at the Roundtable session. The book will be peer reviewed and a timeline for deadlines for those wishing to contribute, together with an expected publication date will be discussed at the end of the afternoon.

Full event details and online registration.