Event Announcement: Bridging the Gap – a Literacy Working Group event




You are warmly invited to join a free networking event:

Bridging the Gap 

How can academic research into adult literacy, and women’s literacy in particular, inform and learn from NGO/INGOs working, in the field, on international development initiatives?

At: NIACE, 21 De Montfort Street, Leicester LE1 7GE

On: May 21st 2015

From: 10.30am – 3.30pm

This will be the first of three, linked events.

The purpose of the events is to focus on how research and practice in adult literacy learning with women, in international development, can learn collaboratively from each other, to support more effective adult literacy learning in the global south/developing countries.

Much of the interesting and valuable work which many development organisations do is not always recognised and evidenced and thus does not inform further practice and policy.

We want to bridge this gap to bring together those working in Academic Research and those working in NGO/INGOs developmental, practical activities.

We will ask:

How can academic research help and support NGOs in the field of adult/women’s literacy learning in international development?

How can NGO/INGOs’ practical activities and developments, in adult/women’s literacy, along with their grey literature, inform the academic research community?

Who is invited?

  1. Staff and research students, from academic institutions, who are involved in any form of research around the broad theme of adult, including women’s literacy learning. Areas of research can include work related to health, skills, empowerment, gender, early years, governance etc.
  2. Representatives of NGOs and International NGOs who are involved in development activities including women’s literacy learning. This development work can include activities related to health, skills, empowerment, gender, early years, governance etc. Adult literacy learning must be a key element of the work.

Some small subsidies may be available to support transport costs, especially for research students.

To register email jan.eldred@icloud.com

A simple form will be then sent for registration.

The Literacy Working Group

This event is supported by BAICE and NIACE.