2016 BAICE Student Essay Prize

If you are a BAICE Student Member and have given a paper at the BAICE Conference in Nottingham in September 2016, you are invited to submit your paper for the BAICE student prize.  Deadline is midnight on Sunday 24th January, 2016 The prize of £500 is for a paper presented … Read more →

Between Bureaucrats: Education and the Making of the State in Ghana – Sophia Friedson-Ridenour

Sophia Friedson-Ridenour PhD Awarded: August 2015 University of Wisconsin-Madison This dissertation explores the lives and practices of circuit supervisors (CSs), mid-level bureaucrats in the Ghanaian state’s decentralized education system who, characterize themselves as managing the human capital of the nation. As state agents and citizen actors, CSs traverse the space … Read more →