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BAICE Thematic Forums
BAICE Thematic Forums

Do you share a specific professional interest with other BAICE members, and would you welcome opportunities to exchange ideas, hold joint activities, and find out who else might be interested?  BAICE would like to encourage the development of networks of special interest, and to this end, we are invitinig proposals for funding for BAICE Thematic Forums (BTFs).

Existing BAICE Thematic Forums are:

Revisiting Insider Outsider Perspectives

Education, Disability and Development

Challenging Deficit Discourses in International Education and Development

Research Ethics in International and Comparative Education

There is a range of possible ways of defining a forum; it could focus on, for example:

  • a theme of particular interest to research and teaching in comparative and international education, such as globalisation, aid to education, the use of comparisons in policymaking, and teaching related courses;
  • a specific educational theme in comparative and international perspective, such as inclusion of learners with special educational needs, gender and education, or higher education;
  • methodological issues relevant to international and comparative research in education.


Funding is available for up to £1500 per year for each BTF.  Each application may be for up to two years of planned activities, with funding for the second year available following a report from the first year.  Proposals for one-off activities such as a seminar or planning meeting are also welcome.  Acceptable costs include travel, catering, printing and communication costs but do not include payments to participants or organisers for their time.


Applicants must be members of BAICE; participants in BTFs must also be, or become, BAICE members.  Applications from students or for student events are welcome.  Each BTF should help to promote the aims of BAICE.  Reports on activities will be submitted by the applicant(s)/leader(s) and posted on the BAICE website.  Payments will be made on the basis of receipts submitted to the BAICE Treasurer, except where there is a particular justification for payment in advance.

How to apply

Using the BAICE Thematic Forum Application Form, please enter the required information. The information will be submitted to the BAICE Executive Committee for review. Meetings are held termly. For specific deadlines, please contact Anneke Newman, BAICE Secretary, on  If you have queries about BTFs or would like to discuss whether your proposal might be suitable, please contact the Arathi Sriprakash, BAICE Executive Committee Member overseeing the BTFs, on

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