2013 Chair’s Report, Caroline Dyer

September 2013 I am very pleased to report on an excellent year for our Association and a wide range of activities. BAICE continues to maintain a very robust financial status. As Malcolm Mercer, our Treasurer, will report, we have a current balance of over £100,000 and have this year recorded … Read more →

2012 Chair’s Report, Michele Schweisfurth

September 2012 Warm greetings to all members, longstanding, new and prospective.  This has been an exceptionally busy and productive year for BAICE, and I would like here to mention a few highlights and to point to some future initiatives and possibilities, most of which will be picked up in more … Read more →

2011 Chair’s Report, Michele Schweisfurth

September 2011 Welcome to all members, old, new and prospective.  We have a busy agenda for this year’s AGM but I would like here to mention a few highlights from this past year and to point to some future initiatives. The year that was Day-to-day BAICE:  The BAICE Executive Committee … Read more →

2010 Chair’s Report, Lore Arthur

September 2010 Dear BAICE members I am delighted to report that BAICE continues to thrive – despite current uncertainties across the higher education sector in the UK and elsewhere. We have been able to increase our membership and our finances are in a healthy position. As an Association we have … Read more →

2009 Chair’s Report, Lore Arthur

September 2009 Dear BAICE member, This has been a good and very busy year for the Society, despite a slight decrease in membership, possibly due to the current economic climate. However, BAICE has a very strong and highly committed Executive Committee – as you can see from the number of … Read more →

2004 Chair’s Letter, Michael Crossley

Membership Mailing, 2004 Dear BAICE Member I am delighted, once again, to be writing to all members of BAICE with this annual mailing.  The last year has seen the world-wide resurgence of interest in our field reflected in numerous ways through BAICE.  These include a variety of substantial publications by … Read more →

2003 Chair’s Letter, Michael Crossley

2003 Membership Mailing Dear BAICE Member It is a pleasure to be writing to all BAICE members with this mailing.  Comparative and international research in education is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest – and this can be seen in the widening of our membership constituency, and in the new … Read more →

2001 Chair’s Report, Lynn Davies

August 2001 World Council for Comparative Education Societies The year has been one of intensive discussions about the BAICE bid to host the 2004 World Congress.  A draft proposal was submitted, but for a number of reasons, our eventual decision was not to proceed with the bid.  The reaction to … Read more →

2001 Chair’s Letter, Lynn Davies

Membership Mailing 2001 Dear BAICE member, Greetings to all members, and especially to new members who have joined since our last mailing and since the Oxford conference.  A few things to draw to your attention. First of all is to ask your permission to produce a list of members which … Read more →