Social movements, indigenous knowledges and collective learning

  • Post development/postcolonial/ indigenous approaches to education
  • Problematizing concepts of development and challenging assumptions of education
  • Sustainable lifestyles and buen vivir
  • Grassroots movements, democratising knowledge and civil society as sites for learning

Global policy agendas and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Divergence, convergence and policy priorities
  • Challenging dominant frameworks of education and sustainable development
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives and alternative conceptualizations of the SDGs
  • The roles of education in meeting the SDGs

Intersectional inequalities and social exclusion

  • Inclusion, exclusion and social justice
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Gender and education
  • Integrated early childhood education and care to adult education

Education in conflict, crisis and times of uncertainty

  • Education and migration
  • Education, conflict and peace building
  • Multidisciplinary responses to social uncertainties
  • Crossing borders and boundaries with education

Using technologies and breaking boundaries in education

  • Integrating frameworks and systems of education
  • Understanding new technologies and their impact on learning
  • Exploring geographical boundaries through new technologies
  • OERs, MOOCs and blended approaches to learning

Approaches to education for social justice, citizenship and sustainability

  • Conceptualization and practice of global citizenship education in different contexts
  • Education for conscientization and civic agency
  • Education for de-growth and economies of global social justice
  • Peace and peace-building education