BAICE organises a range of events to disseminate knowledge and facilitate networking in the field of international and comparative education. Major events include the biennial BAICE Conference at a UK university, support for the UKFIET Conference every other year, and an annual student conference. BAICE members are also invited to advertise relevant events that they are organising to the membership. Information on future events (title, time, place, registration requirements, and an abstract of maximum 250 words) should be sent to  
Writers’ Workshop Programme – Egypt, December 2017 @ Ain Shams University
Dec 17 – Dec 20 all-day

BAICE/Compare will be running a Writers’ Workshop Programme at Ain Shams University, Cairo in December 2017. The programme is intended for those based in Egypt and neighbouring countries and consists of three component parts: a Student Workshop, a Writers’ Workshop and a Symposium.

Student Workshop (17 December 2017)

Converting doctoral research into articles for publication can be a challenging task. This workshop, hosted by Dr. Rasha Kamal and Dr. Ashour Amry is an opportunity to think about writing up the data you have or are collecting for publication. It is primarily for PhD students researching in the social sciences. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Anna Magyar and Prof. Anna Robinson-Pant from the University of East Anglia, UK, both experienced facilitators of academic writing workshops and writing for publication. As former Editor of Compare (BAICE’s journal), Prof. Robinson-Pant launched the Compare writing mentoring programme for new academics, which has now been running for 10 years.

Writers’ Workshop (18 and 19 December 2017)

We are offering a writing for publication programme for researchers in Egypt and the region who are working in the field of educational research. The programme consists of a two-day workshop and a follow-up programme, during which participants work towards submitting an article to Compare with the help of mentors.

Symposium ‘Building a Research Culture’ (20 December 2017)

We are inviting participation from senior scholars from social science departments in higher education institutions within Egypt and the region. Applicants should be in a position to promote and support academic writing and publishing in their institutions. The symposium is an opportunity for participants to develop a network of resources, ideas and support to build the culture of academic writing and publishing in their institution.

BAICE Conference 2018 – 20th Anniversary @ University of York
Sep 12 – Sep 14 all-day

British Association of International and Comparative Education (BAICE)
Conference 2018 – 20th Anniversary

12th -14th September 2018 – University of York

Comparative Education and Development Alternatives

Critiques, innovations and transitions

The aim of this conference is to consider how central concepts in the field of comparative and international education – such as development, sustainability and global social justice– can be reimagined in order to offer new trajectories for educational research, policy and practice.  We want to unpick what we mean by the idea of education for sustainable development and examine the different ways education might play out to meet – or challenge – the sustainable development goals (SDGs). This means searching for alternative approaches and reimagining the intersections between the many debates. Through this dialogue we hope to challenge dominant frameworks in order to imagine new possibilities for the future.

We welcome papers that discuss comparative and international education, formal and non-formal learning at primary, secondary and tertiary education, in all contexts including high, middle and low income countries across all global regions. Papers which reflect on innovative or alternative approaches that speak to the SDGs and the role education has to play in meeting these are particularly welcome, as well as analyses that explore the contributions of indigenous knowledges, postcolonial approaches, de-growth, civic agency and social movements. Transformative or innovative education initiatives that challenge inequalities in any context, break boundaries, or provide solutions to social challenges in times of uncertainty or crisis, are all encouraged.

We welcome papers that touch on any of the following areas (these are not sub-themes set in stone, rather they are to demonstrate the sort of areas we would like to encourage):

Social movements, indigenous knowledges and collective learning

  • Post development/postcolonial/ indigenous approaches to education
  • Problematizing concepts of development and challenging assumptions of education
  • Sustainable lifestyles and buenvivir
  • Grass roots movements and civil society as sites for learning

Global policy agendas and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Divergence, convergence and policy priorities
  • Challenging dominant frameworks of education and sustainable development
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives and alternative conceptualisations of the SDGs
  • The roles of education in meeting the SDGs

Intersectional inequalities and social exclusion

  • Inclusion, exclusion, social justice, mental health and well-being
  • Gender and education
  • Integrated early childhood education and care to adult education
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to inequalities

Education in conflict, crisis and times of uncertainty

  • Education and migration
  • Education, conflict and peace building
  • Multidisciplinary responses to social uncertainties
  • Crossing borders and boundaries with education

Using technologies and breaking boundaries in education

  • Integrating frameworks and systems of education
  • Understanding new technologies and their impact on learning
  • Exploring geographical boundaries through new technologies
  • Bridge IA’s approach, OERs/OEPs, MOOCs, BOCs and blended approaches to learning

Approaches to education for social justice, citizenship and sustainability

  • Conceptualisation and practice of global citizenship education in different contexts
  • Education for conscientization and civic agency
  • Education for de-growth and economies of global social justice
  • Peace and peace building education

This conference will be hosted by the University of York and is supported by the Research Centre for Social Sciences and the York International Development Network.

Information on registration and submission of panels and abstracts will be updated in due course.