BAICE promotes teaching, research, policy and development in all aspects of international and comparative education. It is the British affiliate of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies but membership is open to all interested in international and comparative education, regardless of nationality or institutional affiliation.

We are a diverse professional association comprised of academics, researchers, policy makers and members of governmental and non-governmental organisations. We are committed to research, study, and policy advice in all areas of international and comparative education. Membership is open to all who subscribe to our aims.

BAICE came into existence in September 1997 as the result of a merger between the British Association of Teachers and Researchers in Overseas Education (BATROE) and the British Comparative and International Education Society (BCIES). These organisations had international memberships and well-established traditions of activities in the field of international and comparative education. BAICE continues their work.

BAICE aims to encourage the growth and development of international and comparative studies in education by:

  • promoting teaching and cross-disciplinary research
  • facilitating research publications
  • networking with other professionals and professional organisations
  • supporting students
  • organising conferences, workshops and meetings
  • being a resource to policy makers

BAICE works with other organisations to promote its aims. Partner organisations include the United Kingdom Forum on International Education and Training (UKFIET), the Comparative Education Society in Europe (CESE), the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) and the Academy of Social Sciences (ACSS).

BAICE produces the journal Compare and organises a series of one-day research conferences annually. At least one of these conferences is designed specifically to provide research students with an opportunity to present and discuss their research in progress. Each year BAICE convenes a conference of topical importance. Alternate years, the conference is integrated into the UKFIET biennial international conference on education and development.

BAICE LTD is a non-profit organisation registered as a limited company in England No. 13564154 with Registered Charity No. 1198916. It has a Board of Trustees which oversees BAICE LTD’s portfolio of activities. Also, BAICE LTD has a volunteer Executive Committee which manages the delivery of the portfolio.