Faith, identity, status and schooling: An ethnography of educational decision-making in northern Senegal

Anneke Newman PhD in Anthropology, University of Sussex Awarded: January 2016 Supervisors: Professor Elizabeth Harrison, Professor Filippo Osella This thesis analyses the ways in which parents and pupils navigate between secular state and Islamic schools in northern Senegal. Preference for Qur’anic schools among relatively well-off and high-status families counters several … Read more →

Compare – Call for applications for Post of Reviews Editor

Compare is the official journal of the British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE) and has six issues per year. It publishes high quality research covering a wide range of issues and geographical areas which are of international significance within international and comparative education. In recent years its readership … Read more →

An ethnographic case study of the agendas, participation and influence of stakeholders at an urban government primary school in Tigray, Ethiopia

Rafael Mitchell This study provides an account of the agendas, participation and influence of management, teachers, students and parents at a primary school in Tigray, Ethiopia. A literature review revealed gaps in the knowledge of these stakeholders’ involvement in school leadership structures in the current national policy context. A broader … Read more →

2016 BAICE Student Essay Prize

If you are a BAICE Student Member and have given a paper at the BAICE Conference in Nottingham in September 2016, you are invited to submit your paper for the BAICE student prize.  Deadline is midnight on Sunday 24th January, 2016 The prize of £500 is for a paper presented … Read more →

Between Bureaucrats: Education and the Making of the State in Ghana – Sophia Friedson-Ridenour

Sophia Friedson-Ridenour PhD Awarded: August 2015 University of Wisconsin-Madison This dissertation explores the lives and practices of circuit supervisors (CSs), mid-level bureaucrats in the Ghanaian state’s decentralized education system who, characterize themselves as managing the human capital of the nation. As state agents and citizen actors, CSs traverse the space … Read more →

Educational Participation of Girls in Nepal:An Ethnographic Study of Girls’ Education in a Rural Village – Gayatree Timsina

Gayatree Timsina Canterbury Christ Church University PhD Awarded: February 2012 In this study I explored the extent to which women and girls are disadvantaged within the Nepalese education system. I investigated the barriers to, and opportunities for, participation by women and girls in the formal education system, including those who … Read more →

The things they learned: Aspiration, uncertainty, and schooling in rural Rwanda – Timothy P. Williams

Timothy P. Williams University of Bath PhD Awarded: June 24, 2015 This thesis constitutes an interpretive ethnography of children’s educational experiences in rural Rwanda. It advances a theoretical argument for conceptualizing subjectivity, one which attends to how impersonal forces of political economy and history converge to inform children’s awareness, expectations, … Read more →