Influencing policy and practice

BAICE is committed to informing the development of policies and programmes through robust empirical research in the field of international and comparative education. We strive to improve links and information exchange between the research community, policy makers and practitioners.

Many members of the Association are part of important national and international consultative and advisory bodies. They communicate knowledge and recommendations through publications aimed at policy makers and practitioners, thus providing evidence which is based on independent, robust and critical research. Major works of this type are showcased on the BAICE website under BAICE Members’ Publications.

We are committed to the pursuit of research in the field of international and comparative education, and its application for both the improvement of practice and the public benefit. We strive to increase the impact of research by offering funding for events which connect BAICE members with policymakers and practitioners such as the BAICE Thematic Forums.

We seek and maintain strong relationships with other associations committed to the development of international and comparative education, nationally or internationally such as the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS) and the World Council of International and Comparative Education Societies (WCCES). We also have links with international research councils, thus providing our members a large international platform for engagement.

We work closely with our journal Compare to find new knowledge exchange and impact realisation activities which are targeted to different stakeholders. The Compare Forum is a key example: it features academically rigorous evidence packaged in a concise and accessible format.