• BAICE Conference 2022
    University of Edinburgh
    Partnerships in education: collaboration, co-operation and co-optation
  • BAICE Conference 2018
    University of York
    Comparative Education and Development Alternatives: Critiques, innovations and transitions
  • BAICE Conference 2016
    University of Nottingham
    Achieving equity and quality in learning: Comparative perspectives
  • BAICE Conference 2014
    University of Bath
    Power, Politics and Priorities for Comparative and International Education
  • BAICE Conference 2012
    University of Cambridge & Anglia Ruskin University
    Education, Mobility and Migration: People, ideas and resources
  • BAICE Conference 2010
    University of East Anglia, Norwich
    Education and Social Justice in Challenging Times
  • BAICE Conference 2008
    University of Glasgow
    Internationalisation in Education: Culture, Context and Difference
  • BAICE Conference 2006
    Queen’s University Belfast
    Diversity and Inclusion
  • BAICE Conference 2004
    University of Sussex
    Education in the 21st Century: Conflict, Reconciliation and Reconstruction
  • BAICE Conference 2002
    University of Nottingham
    Lifelong Learning and the Building of Human and Social Capital
  • BAICE Conference 2000
    University of Birmingham
    Democracy and Citizenship