BAICE Conference 2024 – new dates

We recently announced the BAICE 2024 conference for 10-12 September, at the University of Sussex. Since then, an opportunity has arisen to use campus accommodation, if we change the dates to 3-5 September. Using campus accommodation will save delegates approximately 40% on accommodation costs and reduce our overheads. It will also mean delegates are staying close to the venue, rather than travelling from Brighton each day. While changing the dates has not been an easy decision, we saw it as an important opportunity to act on our commitment to making our events as inclusive as possible. We are therefore delighted to re-announce BAICE 2024 for 3-5 September 2024. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

BAICE 2024 poster

BAICE 2024 engages with global developments and crises with the aim of fostering dialogue across borders in a variety of understandings: disciplinary, theoretical, methodological, pedagogical, international, South-North as well as geographical, planetary and political. We invite engagement on how various crises are shaping and transforming the work of educators and stakeholders, and the lives of those we work with, and query whether and how our own work in international and comparative education might reinforce borders. We also look to where and what are the spaces for transgression which resist or challenge increasingly hegemonic knowledge systems and power structures in education. This calls for a radical reimagining and rehumanising of the work of education, one that goes beyond rhetoric and towards a radical re-bordering of education.

Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th September 2024

The University of Sussex, UK