Kenneth King


Professor Kenneth is the BAICE Honorary President for 2014-15.

Professor King is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh in the Schools of Education, and of Social and Political Studies. He was one of the founding members of NORRAG in 1986 and serves ad editor of NORRAG News. He has been associated with the Education and Development Forum (UKFIET) since 1990. Kenneth’s research interests over the years have focused on the history and politics of education, skills development in both the formal and informal sectors of the economy and on aid policy towards all sub-sectors of education, including higher education. He has researched the small scale Jua Kali enterprises in Kenya over a 20 year period. He has been researching China-Africa education cooperation since 2006, especially in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa. His current research also includes a series of papers with Robert Palmer on Education Post-2015.

As Honorary President, Kenneth will deliver the BAICE Presidential Address at the 2015 UKFIET Conference.