Special Journal Collection on Palestine and Israel

COMPARE concurs with the recently published statement by the British Association of International and Comparative Education (BAICE), acknowledging the continuous grief in our community in the face of the injury, death and displacement of thousands of lives in Palestine and Israel. As the official journal of BAICE, we therefore echo the association’s stance by recognising our role in shaping opinions through how we support the generation and dissemination of knowledge. We believe that this must be informed by critical understanding of complex historical realities, structural conditions, and the longstanding occupation of Palestinian territories. These understandings can only be reached through dialogue.

As our contribution to such dialogue, this special collection on Palestine and Israel includes 10 previously published articles in COMPARE. Collectively, these articles foreground the chorus of voices from ministries to universities, from schools to refugee camps. In doing so, they offer contextualised insights on education, peacebuilding and citizenship in Palestine and Israel. We bear witness that these perspectives emerge from some of the most difficult contexts of ongoing violent occupation, conflict, and tension that call for urgent resistance and resolution. Still, the scholarly works in this special collection from within our community reflect the enduring desire for humanity, understanding and peace.

We hope this collection offers beneficial learnings for members of our community and beyond who share the belief in critical dialogue, in educating ourselves and others as vital means for resistance, repair, decolonisation, transformation, and justice all over the world.

Edited by Aizuddin Mohamed Anuar (Keele University), Julia Paulson (University of Saskatchewan), Peter Sutoris (University of York), Catherine Montgomery (University of Durham) and Uma Pradhan (Institute of Education, University College London)