2012-13 BAICE Executive Committee

[expires off=”01 November 2012″]Thank you for voting in the recent BAICE Executive Committee Election.  We are pleased to announce the results:

Vice Chair, Qing Gu

Ordinary Members, Angeline Barrett, Robin Shields and Nidhi Singal[/expires]

The BAICE Executive Committee for the 2012-2013 Academic Year:


  • Elaine Unterhalter, Institute of Education, University of London


  • Caroline Dyer, University of Leeds

Vice Chair

  • Qing Gu, University of Nottingham


  • Lizzi Milligan, University of Bristol


  • Malcolm Mercer, Powys

Membership Secretary

  • Paul Lynch, University of Birmingham

Web Manager

  • Michael Crossley, University of Bristol


  • Terra Sprague, University of Bristol

Student Representative

  • Sajjadllah Alhawsawi, University of Sussex

Ordinary Members

  • Angeline Barrett, University of Bristol
  • Robin Shields, Bath Spa University
  • Nidhi Singal, University of Cambridge
  • David Turner, University of Glamorgan

Compare Members

  • Paul Morris, Institute of Education, London
  • Nitya Rao, University of East Anglia
  • Yusuf Sayed, University of Sussex