BAICE Funding

BAICE funding available
BAICE funding available

BAICE Thematic Forums (BTF)

BAICE would like to encourage the development of networks of special interest, and to this end, we are inviting proposals for funding for BAICE Thematic Forums (BTFs). For details visit the BTF page.

BAICE Research Funding

Applications for grants of up to £5,000 are welcome from researchers at UK-based research institutions in research areas that align with BAICE’s aims to:

  • promote research, policy and development in all aspects of international and comparative education; and
  • encourage the growth and development of international and comparative studies in education.

Two types of research funding are available: Building Research Capacity and Networks; and Seedcorn Funds. Full information about BAICE Research Funding is available here. For more details of previously funded research projects please go to BAICE funded projects page.

BAICE Student Travel Bursaries

BAICE is awarding a small number of travel bursaries, up to the value of £2500, to doctoral researchers in the field of comparative and international education. The bursaries will support students based at institutions in the UK to carry out international fieldwork for their doctorate. The awards will cover international economy air tickets, subsistence and reasonable research expenses within the country or countries where data is collected.

Applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled in a doctoral programme in a UK University (candidates must have passed their probation – where relevant – and been admitted to the PhD or EdD cycle)
  • Have a research project situated within the scope of BAICE’s mandate, which is Comparative and International Education
  • Be a registered student member of BAICE
  • Not be in receipt of another scholarship or grant which supports the cost of fieldwork (e.g. the ESRC studentship)

Within the framework of this award, beneficiaries accept to:

  • Submit to BAICE a short report on their fieldwork (up to 10 pages, within three months of returning from the field) for publication on the BAICE website
  • Submit a financial report to BAICE including a breakdown of funds (1-2 pages, within one month of returning from the field)
  • Submit a paper on their research, at the end of their fieldwork, to a BAICE or UKFIET Conference
  • Submit at least one article that arises from the fieldwork for consideration for publication in Compare

Applications must be submitted in English and contain the following:

  1. A 2-page CV/Resume – please specify the date of your enrolment as a doctoral candidate or admission to a doctoral programme.
  2. A research proposal for your project – including a working title for your thesis, aims, research questions, theoretical framework, methodology, a description of the fieldwork and a proposed time-frame. It should be clear how the fieldwork for which funds are requested will contribute to your doctoral project. Please also include a working title for your thesis (maximum length 2000 words, excluding references).
  3. A detailed breakdown of the anticipated research costs including travel, accommodation and subsistence (maximum 1 page).
  4. A letter of support from your PhD supervisor.

There are two application deadlines in a year: 1st May and 1st November.

Selection will be made according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the study to the aims of BAICE
  • Anticipated contribution to the field
  • Methodological rigour and originality
  • Realistic and reasonable costings. Awards will usually be made up to a maximum of £2500 and never exceeding £3000. If there are exceptional reasons for requesting more than £2500 these should be clearly set out in the application.

Completed applications must be submitted in a single PDF file (1.5 line spacing) to

BAICE Research Funding Types

  1. Building Research Capacity and Networks
  2. Seedcorn Funding
  3. Conditions of BAICE research funding


Applications for grants of up to £5,000 are welcome from researchers at UK-based research institutions in research areas that align with BAICE’s aims to:

  • promote research, policy and development in all aspects of international and comparative education; and
  • encourage the growth and development of international and comparative studies in education.

Two types of research funding are available:

  • Building Research Capacity and Networks
  • Seedcorn

Building Research Capacity and Networks

The central aim of the Building Research Capacity and Networks grants is to provide funding for the inception and development of innovative collaborations and new priority research areas aligned with the aims of BAICE.

Grants awarded from this fund will support strategic research capacity and collaborative networks, which involve a wider range of activities than seminars. Examples of project activities that may be funded include:

  • a combination of meetings and conferences;
  • short-term training and capacity-building opportunities (e.g. sandpit events, workshops, summer institutes, master classes or visiting scholar programmes);
  • scoping studies to synthesise existing academic work and other evidence;
  • methodological development; and
  • dissemination activities to encourage growth and development of the comparative and international education field at large.

Applications that only involve a series of seminars or conferences, whether held in the UK or elsewhere, will not be considered (for an alternative funding opportunity see: BAICE Thematic Forum).

All proposals must demonstrate that proposed networks and activities are grounded in the research context and the main literature in the area; and explain how the networks and activities will have the potential to advance knowledge and practice.

We especially welcome proposals to establish research clusters that expand an existing research area or provide the foundations for a viable new research area in the field of international and comparative education.

We encourage both the formation of new groups and the continuation of existing groups that include individuals from two or more institutions within and/or outside the UK.

We encourage applications that involve junior and early career researchers (including doctoral students) in the proposed activities.

To apply for research capacity and network funding, please download and fill out the BAICE-Research-Network-Application Form.


The purpose of Seedcorn Fund is to provide funding for pilot research projects and scoping work. This may be achieved through a combination of activities including literature review, mapping exercises, analysis of secondary data sources, travel and subsistence to meet domestic and international partners.

The fund will support initial project planning and development, the direct costs of research, workshops and seminars that enable the advancement of research, and visits by or to partner scholars.

We encourage the development of research capacity through involving doctoral students and early career researchers.

We especially welcome proposals for collaborative, interdisciplinary research development activities aimed at developing research ideas and methodologies with the potential to attract significant external funding from either UK or international research funds.

Funds may also be requested for maximising the impact of a defined research project that is completed or close to completion.

To apply for seedcorn funding, please download and fill out the BAICE-Seedcorn-application form.

Conditions of BAICE research funding

The awards

For both funds, the maximum grant is £5,000 over two years. Grants are expected to run for a no longer than 12 months.

In exceptional circumstances, applications for up to £10,000 may be considered. Clear and compelling justification needs to be made for bidding above the £5,000 limit. We recommend you contact the fund managers before submitting a bid for over £5,000.

We fund up to 4 awards across the two grants per year. Proposals must demonstrate the need for BAICE funding.

How to Apply

  • Applications should be made using the designated application form.
  • The annual deadline is 1st May.
  • Applicants will normally be notified of the outcome within 8 weeks of the submission deadline.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Academics and scholars based in UK research and academic institutions may be lead applicants. Co-applicants may be from different organisations and professional associations anywhere in the world.
  • Early career researchers are encouraged to apply.
  • All applicants named on the proposal must be members of BAICE.

Eligible costs

Both funds will typically cover justified costs towards:

  • Travel and expenses for researchers, speakers and participants
  • Administrative costs
  • Project specific stationary, postage, copying and telephone costs
  • Hire of rooms and facilities (when the host institution and other collaborating organisations cannot provide these facilities)
  • Staff time for non-salaried research assistants (including postgraduate students)

We will NOT cover staff time for salaried academics or core institutional full economic costing. We welcome institutional contributions to proposed projects.

Other Conditions

  • An end-of-project report should be submitted within three months after the end date of the award using the report pro-forma.
  • It is expected that a funded project should result in the submission of at least one paper to the Association journal Compare.
  • Successful applicants are not allowed to re-apply for the same research grant within three years.

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Originality and potential contribution to knowledge
  • Research design and methods [only applies to Seedcorn fund]
  • Contribution to capacity of individuals, institutions and centres; development of networks [only applies to the Building capacity and research networks fund]
  • Relevance to BAICE aims
  • Outputs and dissemination, including plans to publish in the Association’s journal Compare and to present at a BAICE or UKFIET conference
  • Potential of future aspirations, including sustainability of networks (if relevant) and plans to bid for significant funding
  • Involvement of and support for early career researchers
  • Value for money


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