The Compare Writing Champions Grant is a BAICE funding scheme intended to support Writing Champions who have attended a BAICE/Compare Writers Workshop or symposium to implement academic writing activities to support colleagues’ development in their own institutions. Applicants for the grant are invited to develop a proposal for an initiative that will be led/facilitated by a Writing Champion in their institution. It should connect with the aims of the BAICE/Compare Writers programme, namely developing and implementing strategies to support new writers to write and publish academic research articles.

History and context of the Compare Writing Champions Grant

From 2008, BAICE/Compare have run a New Writers’ programme to support writers from under-represented parts of the world to submit research papers to our journal Compare. The workshop familiarizes participants with the values and interests of Compare;introduces the processes of drafting and reviewing;and prepares them for mentoring after the workshop.

Compare has reflected on the New Writers’ programme and has now moved towards greater emphasis on strengthening research and writing capacity at the writers’ own institutions. This has been addressed through BAICE/Compare Writers Workshops targeting a specific region, as well as a distance learning version of the writing programme. Since 2016, we have organised regional symposia for ‘Writing Champions’ to ‘train the trainers’ who could implement writing workshops and support colleagues in their own institutions. The symposia have also offered a space for critical reflection on journal editing and reviewing practices, identifying barriers faced by academics in the South, and ways of addressing North-South inequalities in academic publishing.

The Compare/BAICE Writing Champions Grant scheme supports this institutional-level activity and offers an opportunity for individuals to follow up after participation in the Compare Writers Workshops and Writing Champions symposia.

Conditions of BAICE research funding

The awards

The maximum grant available is £1,500. Grants are expected to run for no longer than 12 months.

Proposals must demonstrate the need for BAICE funding.

How to Apply

  • Applications should be submitted on the designated application form and returned as an email attachment to BAICE at ku.ca1669906229.ecia1669906229b@stn1669906229arg1669906229. A two-page CV for the lead and other applicants should also be sent with the application.
  • Participants at a Compare Writers’ Workshop should apply for funding for follow-up seminars under the Writing Champions Grant within one month from the completion of the workshop. BAICE will award only one Writing Champions Grant per workshop (up to £1,500).
  • Applicants will be informed of the result of the application within three months of the submission of their proposal (i.e. after the BAICE Executive Committee quarterly meeting)

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Lead applicants should be based in an institution outside the UK, they should have attended a BAICE writers’ workshop or symposium and be in a position to be able to take a leading role in developing future academic writing programmes/journal strengthening activities/mentoring junior colleagues/developing regional networks.

Eligible costs

Both funds will typically cover justified costs towards:

  • Travel and expenses for researchers, speakers and participants
  • Administrative costs
  • Project specific stationary, postage, copying and telephone costs
  • Hire of rooms and facilities (when the host institution and other collaborating organisations cannot provide these facilities)
  • Staff time for non-salaried research assistants (including postgraduate students)

We will NOT cover staff time for salaried academics or core institutional full economic costing. We welcome institutional contributions to proposed activities.

Other Conditions

  • An end-of-activities report should be submitted within three months after the end date of the award using the report pro-forma.
  • It is expected that a funded application should result in the submission of at least one paper to the Association journal Compare.
  • Successful applicants are not allowed to re-apply for the same research grant within three years.

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Fit for the scheme
  • Evidence of development from existing activities
  • Contribution to the comparative/international education community in local region
  • Demonstrated capacity to successfully execute proposed activities
  • Value for money
  • Previous funding from BAICE for writing workshop activities.


  1. Individuals cannot apply for the same grant more than once in a three-year timeframe.
  2. Individuals cannot apply for more than one grant in a given cycle, and if they do, both applications will be considered ineligible.
  3. Individuals cannot be in receipt of more than one grant at any time.
  4. Grant applicants need to seek approval from their institution as part of their application. This is to ensure they are appropriately supported by their institutions if the funding is offered. A letter of institutional support must be attached with the application.


For further information, please write to Oscar Valiente ku.ca1669906229.wogs1669906229alg@e1669906229tneil1669906229av.ra1669906229cso1669906229