Illustration depicting a road sign with a bursary concept.BAICE awards a small number of bursaries each year for attendance at the BAICE / UKFIET conferences.

Bursaries of up to £500 each are available for early-career researchers who are within three years of PhD completion and PhD students in the final year of their studies.

One of these will be selected for the ‘Edmund King Bursary’, awarded annually for the most promising conference proposal from a student in the field of International and Comparative Education. This is in tribute to Professor Edmund King, formerly of King’s College, London, who was a member and then an honorary member of BAICE for many years. Edmund had a stimulating intellectual impact on the field of comparative and international education, and was a leading figure worldwide. He gave support to the work of the society through his extensive scholarship and through his distinctive humour and engaging personality.

Further bursaries of up to £1500 are available specifically for applicants who are nationals of low or middle income countries.

One of these further bursaries will be selected for the ‘Hugh Hawes Bursary’. Dr Hugh Hawes was a former President of BAICE and was at the Institute of Education, London. This bursary is in remembrance and recognition of his contribution to the international development dimension of our field and his work on the quality of education in low income countries.

BAICE 2022 Conference Bursaries

In addition to the full bursaries above, this year BAICE will also be offering partial fee-rebates to students, early-career researchers (ECR) and mid-career researchers (MCR) with no or limited institutional funding, and colleagues travelling from low and middle income countries (LMIC).

BAICE Conference is non-profit making. Any profits made by the conference are invested back into the event to increase its inclusivity. This year, our plans include greater investment in our ring-fenced access support fund to enhance the conference experience for delegates with additional access needs, greater investment in our care bursary, and an increased contribution to fee-rebates for delegates on lower incomes. The precise rebate amount, and number of rebates we can offer will be calculated according to the funds generated by registration, but we are hoping to offer 20-25% fee rebates for many of our delegates. These will be allocated on an anonymous lottery basis.

There are therefore two routes for applying for BAICE 2022 Conference Bursaries.

1. To apply for a full bursary

Please send *one document* that contains the following:

  • Your abstract
  • Confirmation of acceptance
  • Confirmation of registration
  • A (max) 2-page CV
  • A (max) 1-page personal statement that sets out a) the alignment of your work with the theme of the 2022 conference and b) what you hope to gain professionally from attending the conference.
  • a letter from your supervisor / line manager / appropriate senior colleague confirming your status as either a student, an ECR, or employee of an institution in a low or middle income country.

This is a competitive application process based on the panel’s assessment of the contribution of the abstract to the conference, and the value of attending the conference to the applicant.

If you are applying for a full bursary you can temporarily register ‘for free’ on the BAICE conference website. Please email ku.ca1669906219.ecia1669906219b@rec1669906219iffot1669906219roppu1669906219s1669906219 to confirm you intend to apply for the full bursary, and you will be sent a registration code. If you are successful, your registration status will be converted into full-registration. If you are unsuccessful, the conference manager will be in touch to see how you would like to proceed. You will be able to withdraw from the conference, or we will offer an extended early-bird rate.

Please send your application to ku.ca1669906219.ecia1669906219b@rec1669906219iffot1669906219roppu1669906219s1669906219 with the subject heading BAICE Conference Bursary – FULL – ECR or BAICE Conference Bursary – FULL – LMIC (depending on whether you are applying for the ECR bursary or the LMIC bursary). 

The deadline for full bursary applications is 10th June 2022

2. To apply for a partial fee rebate

Please send *one document* that contains:

  • confirmation of acceptance
  • confirmation of registration
  • a letter from your supervisor / line manager / appropriate senior colleague confirming your status as a student or an ECR or mid-career researcher, or employee of an institution in a low or middle income country.

Please send your application to ku.ca1669906219.ecia1669906219b@rec1669906219iffot1669906219roppu1669906219s1669906219 with the subject BAICE Conference Bursary – PARTIAL – ECR, or BAICE Conference Bursary – PARTIAL – MCR, or BAICE Conference Bursary – PARTIAL – LMIC (depending on whether you are applying for the ECR rebate, the MCR rebate or the LMIC rebate).


  • For both awards the supporting letter is simply to confirm your eligibility and will not be included in the assessment criteria.
    • Student eligibility is based on current registration on a postgraduate degree programme, and those awaiting the outcome of their degree.
    • ECR eligibility is within 5 years of being awarded a doctorate.
    • MCR eligibility is between 5-10 years of being awarded a doctorate.
  • Unsuccessful applicants for the full bursary who register for the conference will automatically be entered into the lottery for the partial rebate – please do not enter both competitions.
  • The outcome of the full bursary awards will be announced on or before Friday 17th June.
  • The outcome of the partial fee rebates will be announced in July.

The deadline for the partial fee rebate has been extended until further notice – all registered delegates who meet the criteria are welcome to apply.