Compare Forum Guidelines

The Forum is intended as a space where different constituencies (academics, policy makers, practitioners) can respond in an informed and timely way to key contemporary issues in education policy and practice, and debate topical questions in the field of comparative and international education. It is a section where perspectives and views can be aired in a more concise form than the usual full-length research article. The timeline to publication is also much swifter, allowing for engagement with the rapidly changing international policy landscape.

Pieces should be multi-authored and be a maximum of 9000 words (including references), providing contrasting perspectives on an issue of contemporary importance.  A typical Forum would  include an initial piece providing an introduction to the issue (perhaps 2000 words), followed by 3-4 responses.

Contributions are not required to fulfil the normal criteria for journal articles of originality and rigour (for example, they do not need to include a full literature review or to outline research methods), and in some cases may be opinion pieces. However, they must be well structured and clearly argued, accurate and up-to-date. They should be analytical and not purely descriptive, and should crisply outline the key issues and the arguments which make them interesting to a wide international audience. All submissions are reviewed anonymously by a co-editor and one member of the editorial board or international advisory board.

Submissions and enquiries should be made to the journal co-editor responsible for the Forum, Julia Paulson –