Compare’s On-line Writing for Publication Programme

baice_writingforcompare_header2Over the past five years, Compare has developed a programme to support new writers to the journal, with the purpose of breaking down the barriers that scholars in developing countries often encounter when trying to publish in international journals. Funded by the British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE), the programme has run on a yearly basis, consisting of a day’s workshop facilitated by specialists in academic writing and a follow-up mentoring programme. During the workshop, participants work on key features of academic journal articles, look at submitted and revised papers to Compare and have the chance to discuss the expectations and interests of Compare with the editors. Afterwards, each participant is allocated an individual mentor with specialist knowledge in their area of research and/or geographical region, to give follow-up advice and feedback on drafts of their work by e-mail.

In response to many enquiries from people who have wanted to attend the writer’s workshop but are unable to travel to the UK, Compare now offers an on-line version of the workshop. Participants follow similar activities to those in the face-to-face workshop. The on-line version includes visual and audio materials where editors, former workshop participants and journal reviewers explain more about the journal and the programme. After completing the tasks on-line and receiving feedback from the facilitators, participants are offered the opportunity to develop their article for Compare through follow-up mentoring by email with a specialist in their area.

If you are interested in participating in the online workshop, please contact You will be able to log in to view the website and discuss the programme with the workshop facilitator.