BAICE Conference 2020

Our biennial conference was due to be held between 23rd-25th September, at the University of Edinburgh. Due to the escalating coronavirus pandemic, and uncertainty over freedom of movement in the coming months, we have decided it is not safe, ethical or feasible to go ahead.

BAICE Conference 2020

23rd – 25th September

University of Edinburgh 

Partnerships in education: collaboration, co-operation and co-optation

At BAICE 2020, we aim to consider critically the changing relationships around how education is conceptualised, planned, implemented, provided, resisted, researched and communicated in various contexts. While recognising the potential value of collaboration, we intend to challenge the normative, aspirational pursuit of partnership. We are interested in how politics, power, priorities, culture and language are understood, recognised and navigated by different stakeholders in education initiatives as well as the processes of learning. We invite papers that reflect on past, present and future collaborations across a wide range of sub-themes to conceptualise joint ventures in comparative and international education more robustly.